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Connecting teachers & parents for student success. Any school - Any device

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Class-Mobi , It is really a fantastic tool to interact with the parents without the use of paper in other words you are not just helping us only but indirectly you are helping us to maintain ecological balance/green enviorement..
- The Swaminarayan School, Nagpur (Urban).
With Class-Mobi, our teachers are able to reduce their administrative tasks by almost 20 %, by not having to create repetitive classwork and homework assignments for students.
--- Marilynn Doyle, Principal Lakewood Middle School
Class-Mobi app keep me up to date with all my child’s school activities. Now I never miss on any assignments that are due.
--- Scott Leggett, Parent of 3rd Grader.

How ClassMobi Works

1. How classMobi works for school
  • School Sign's up ClassMobi on
  • Integrate with your school existing Website.
  • School Sign in ClassMobi on school's website or using unique email address.
  • Create classes as per your school.
  • Create sections as per your school.
  • Create subject tought in your school.
  • Create Exams taken in school.
  • Assign sections to classes as per your school.
  • Assign subjects to classes as per your school.
  • Upload Students information in classes .
  • Create User (teachers , coordinators , Admin).
2. How ClassMobi works for parents , students
  • Download ClassMobi App from Google Play Store for Free.
  • Select the students school.
  • Input the Admission Number.
  • ClassMobi App is ready to use
3. How ClassMobi works for teachers
  • ClassMobi is already configured for teachers to use by school.
  • Create Homework for class.
  • Create Classwork for class.
  • Create Assignment for class.
  • Send Alerts about students.
  • Send Marks of students.


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